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Song/TitleSinger (s)Album
VennakondinguChithra Harigeetham
Usha Poojakku UnniChithra Harigeetham
Njanapanayil OzhukivarumChithra Harigeetham
Kuroorammayude .. ..Chithra Harigeetham
Krishnanaattam KaananChithra Harigeetham
Jayadevare Iniyum PaadukaChithra Harigeetham
Gopala Krishna GuruvayoorappaChithra Harigeetham
Ekasrayamaam Ninne ThediChithra Harigeetham
Bhajaamyaham KrishnamChithra Harigeetham
Agre Pashyami Paadi UnarnnuChithra Harigeetham

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