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Song/TitleSinger (s)Album
VighneswaraP Jayachandran Pushpanjali
Vadakkum NathanuP Jayachandran Pushpanjali
Thuyilunaruka Thuyilunaruka KarimalavaasaJayachandran Pushpanjali
Neyyattinkara Vaazhum KannaJayachandran Pushpanjali
Neela Mekham Oru PeelikkannuJayachandran Pushpanjali
Muralidhara KannaJayachandran Pushpanjali
Koodumpinikale Kannal OzhikkumJayachandran Pushpanjali
Duniya Se JaanewaleMukesh Pushpanjali
Ambadi ThannilorunniJayachandran Pushpanjali
Shilpa Kalaa DhevathYesudas Moham Enna Pakshti

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