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Song/TitleSinger (s)Album
SnehaswaroopaYesudas Snehapravaham
Puthiyoru PulariYesudas, Chorus Snehapravaham
Paithalaam YeshuveKs Chitra Snehapravaham
Naayakaa JeevadaayakaaYesudas, Chorus Snehapravaham
Karthaavaam YesuveYesudas Snehapravaham
Jeevitha GarthathilYesudas Snehapravaham
En Jeevithamaam Ee MaraYesudas Snehapravaham
Daivam PirakkunnuYesudas, Chorus Snehapravaham
Daivam NirupamaK J Yesudas Snehapravaham

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