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Song/TitleSinger (s)Album
Ab Neend KiseAlka Yagnik, Kumar Sanu Utthaan
Abhi Tum Ho KamsinKumar Sanu, Sapna Mukesh Utthaan
Yeh Kaisa Uthaan HainAsha Bhosle Utthaan
Abhi Tum Ho Kamsin Abhi Dil Naa MaangoKumar Sanu, Sapna Mukesh Utthaan-2006
Thok DalegaHema Sardesai Utthaan-2006
Yeh Aisa Utthaan HaiSonu Nigam Utthaan-2006
Yeh Kaisa Utthaan HaiAsha Bhosle Utthaan-2006

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